Friday, 26 June 2009

Another Peculiar Image??

The peculiar photograph (above) was taken by W.M.G.C. member, Steve Chew, during an investigation at an allegedly haunted stables complex in Warwickshire in late Sept. 2008.

The site concerned has been well known for instances of alleged ghostly activity for some 20 or so years at least. Poltergeist-like happenings have been reported in a cottage which stands on the grounds of the stables, while sightings of a number of different apparitions have been reported from the surrounding area. The region in which the stable complex stands - a semi rural setting - appears to be something of a 'paranormal hot-spot', with reports of peculiar activity spanning the length and breadth of the village concerned.

With regards to the apparitions associated with the riding stables themselves, one in particular is of considerable interest and was - amusingly - described to group members as 'looking just like ‘Zack Dingle’ from the T.V. show ‘Emmerdale’!!'.....

He has allegedly been seen by a number of staff and visitors to the site.... including group sightings - involving 2, 3 and sometimes more people - of the figure concerned. 'He' has been witnessed on numerous occasions, at first being taken to be a real-life person.... He is frequently seen seemingly in the process of ‘loitering’ around one specific corner of the stable yard. When challenged by witnesses, this figure has been seen to vanish over a nearby ‘muck heap’ or make off along one edge of a paddock before disappearing…..

During our initial recce. of the site, Steve Chew reported seeing ‘something move’ in the general area indicated in the above experiences. At a later point in the night, Steve took this perplexing photograph, shown above, of the area concerned.

Of passing interest was the fact that the resulting image was (obviously) rather blurred; the first (and so far only) blurred picture ever taken with this particular camera. The second, obviously more intriguing, feature of the image is the ‘figure’ to be seen standing in the right-hand corner of the shot….?

Only 4 people were present on the stable yard at this point in time.... 2 inside a distant building and – as well as Steve – one other standing (out of shot), in the process of setting up in a video recording session….

While W.M.G.C. members are at odds to rationally explain away this image, we do find the presence of an inexplicable 'extra' to be something of a puzzle....? Is this image simply something of a photographic anomaly - a by-product of the distorted image and misinterpreted data, perhaps - or did the Dingle-esque apparition so frequently seen at the yard put in a split-second appearance for the benefit of Steve......??

Best wishes to all,

The W.M. Ghost Club

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