Sunday, 14 June 2009

More ‘Orbs’ – Seen With The Naked Eye….?

For anyone intrigued by ‘Orb’ related phenomena, the following account - sent to the W.M.G.C. by e-mail in 2002 - will, no doubt, be of considerable interest.

The details concerned were forwarded by Donna of Bedfordshire, who kindly gave us permission to repeat the (edited) facts here:

“On Sunday night of this week, I had got up to feed my baby daughter who is two weeks old. I was very alert as I wake quite easily. I felt quite uneasy downstairs so put the T.V. on and was watching when I heard noises which sounded like furniture being moved upstairs. I then saw what I am sure was an orb, which moved from the bottom of the T.V. area to the top. I was transfixed by this but scared at the same time. I then saw what looked like a shadow reflecting on the T.V. I woke my partner and asked him to come and sit with me; I explained why I felt uneasy and he said he had also seen a ball of light about the size of a 50 pence moving diagonally near the fireplace, the night before at around the same time.

We have for some time heard noises which sound like people walking around the house. We heard a noise one night and, when switching on the bedroom light, I found my bedside drawer had been opened. I also once felt a cold spot all around me in the kitchen; to touch the air one side was cold whilst the other was warm and there were no doors or windows open. My 12 year old son, who was 9 at the time, came downstairs one evening and said there was a man sitting behind him on his sisters bed, but you know what children are like!!

The first orb to be seen was the one near the fireplace. My partner saw this on 07.09.02 at around 3am. The second was the one which seemed to move from the bottom to the top of the T.V.. The program concerned was only ‘Casualty’, so there should have been no orbs there! It definitely was not on the actual screen; this was seen the next night at around 3am by myself. My partner did not tell me about what he had seen until after I had told him about the orb that I saw. The one that moved up the T.V. was then followed by a shadow…..”

Donna tells us that she was somewhat perplexed at actually seeing (what looked like) an ‘Orb’ with the naked eye!….. The Ghost Club – and, I’m sure, Donna herself – would like to hear your views on the above mentioned experience?

Best wishes to all,

The W.M.G.C.


steve said...

I too saw an orb with the naked eye. It was shortly after my Mum died. I was watching tv late one night when a movement near the top of the curtains over our patio door attracted my eye. A greyish ball about the size of a golfball slowly drifted down the in front of the curtain and then seemed to disappear under it on the floor.
A couple of hours later about half a cup of water splashed to the floor about where the orb had gone under the curtain. There was nowhere this could have come from. I even checked the ceiling for damp, but it was all dry.
At this time I was unaware of orb phenomenon. I learned more when I watched Most haunted.

Scott said...

I am a State Trooper of 20 years and have always been skeptical of the paranormal.
I have never spoken of this except to my wife. Let me preface this by saying when I saw this 10 years ago I had never even heard of orbs, and didn't know that a spirit could be manifested by a pinpoint of light. In any case I had just got in bed, turned the lights out, nowhere near sleep. It was a brightly lit moonlit night and my curtains were open. I knew of someone who had passed away and this was not someone I personally knew. I asked this deceased person to make an appearance if there is life after death.
Within moments I saw this pinpoint of light come into the room, a dot of light is my best description. I was watching it and to my amazement, a cat on the foot of my bed was following it with his head too. Had it not been for the pet, I would to this day think I imagined it, I can see why people dismiss these things.

W.M.G.C. said...

Thank you for your comments guys!

A good friend of ours - someone who manages a site that we have investigated a number of times over the years - has also seen orbs with the naked eye. Slightly similar to Scotts account, he has seen a lot of these around his bedroom, while trying to go to sleep at night. However, he doesn't tie these in with a deceased person, etc, but puts them down to the general activity associated with the site in question. (Which is rather varied, to say the least! Laugh!!) Othwer members of his family have laso seen such things - his wife and so on - and his son will not go near the bedroom concerned whenever possible, because he doesn't like that area of the house concerned....

Thanks again,

The W.M.G.C.

Anonymous said...

I am almost 7 months pregnant with my first shild. A baby girl. When I was 5 1/2 months pregnant, my husband had just kissed me goodnight and went in our room to go to bed as I was still laying on the couch watching T.V. It was about 10:30 p.m. Less than 5 minutes after he retired to bed, I saw a very bright white ball of light hitting the wall in the living room. It then went to the other wall beside it and back again. It did this about 8 times before finally going to the opposite side of the room and then it vanished. There was a trail behind it as it moved. I did not feel fearful or like I was in any danger. Infact, I was sure my husband was playing a joke on me from the hall way leading to our bedroom. I got up as soon as it vanished and went in our room and my husband had the door closed, the lights off and he was tucked snug into bed. I turned on the lights and asked him about it. Telling him about what had happened and he said that he had not left the room since telling me goodnight. I then looked online about seeing lights during pregnancy. I thought maybe it was my eyes playing tricks on me considering the many strange things that have happened to my body since becoming pregnant. The only kind of lights women see during pregnancy are caused by high blood pressure, which I don't have and they are usually little specks. Not bright lights shooting across a room. It left me with only one conclusion. I had just seen an orb with the naked eye. Very cool stuff.

W.M.G.C. said...

Hi Anonymous!! Firstly, I should just like to offer my abject apologies for taking so long to respond to your post, but, in my defence, this is the first time that I have noticed your comment, for some reason?

Thank you for sharing your experience with us? While 'light phenomenon' (often appearing as balls or orbs of light) has always been a feature of paranormal activity, it's hard to differentiate it's possible position - or import - within the ghostly spectrum? While some features of an alleged haunting could possibly be construed as 'common' - or at least recurring - sightings of light phenomenon do seems rather rare..... and, within a haunting framework, certainly sporadic (at best) in nature....?