Sunday, 14 June 2009

Oh, Orbs....!!!!

Details from an interesting note recently sent in to the W.M.G.C.:

Debbie wrote in to us from the West of Scotland to enquire what we thought of a 'bright red orb' that she and her chidren had witnessed recently, while watching the TV one evening. She described the sphere as solid looking and around 10 inches in diameter.... moving rapidly above the television for 20 to 30 seconds before disappearing. The curtains to her sitting room were closed at the time of the incident, so she says that the effect couldn't possibly have been from outside the house.

On asking whether there had ever been any other effects witnessed inside the house that might be construed as 'peculiar', or 'potentially paranormal' in nature, we were told that the family concerned regularly experienced distinct noises, things appearing from nowhere, doors opening and closing of their own volition and so on. Footsteps had also been heard, along with a wire doorstop being 'pinged' in the night and problems with their telephone. 'Too much stuff to mention - honestly!' Debbie says.

She asked us if there could possibly be any significance to the orb being red in colour, as she had read lots of differing points of view on the internet. Most of these, she added, were evidently nonsense. Having spoken to others about the effect seen, she had been told that it was possibly 'demonic' in nature (What????) or the ghost of her grandmother showing her protection for Debbie.........

A group in Scotland which Debbie had previously approached regarding the orb had actually told her that there was possibly 'something wrong with her TV remote'!!!!

Our views on the subject of orbs in general can be viewed at the following 'LINK'...

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